Thursday, June 6, 2019

Terms and Conditions of Hire

Revised JP 08/16

1.     Charges apply to all hours or parts thereof that the premises are occupied and the hirer must therefore ensure that sufficient time is booked for any setting up and clearing up of the premises. Any additional time not previously booked will be charged for accordingly.
2.     The Columbine Centre reserves the right to refuse an application for hire. The hirer has no right to sublet any part of the premises.
3.     The hirer must conform to all statutory requirements affecting the purpose(s) for which the premises are being hired. The hirer agrees to be responsible for and indemnify the Columbine Centre against any actions or claims arising from the hire period.
4.     The premises hired shall be in the care of the hirer who must provide enough attendants to ensure adequate control of the event. These attendants must carry out any instruction given by the duty caretaker to ensure compliance with Public Entertainment Licensing regulations and in cases of emergency, to assist with the safe evacuation of the
5.     premises.
6.     The hirer must provide at his own expense, all labour and assistance required in conjunction with the event.
7.     The hirer must vacate the premises upon the expiration time of the booking, leaving it in a clean and tidy manner.
8.     The Columbine Centre will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage in respect of articles brought onto the premises during the period of the hire.
9.     The hirer will be held responsible for any loss or damage to any part of the Columbine Centre during the period of hire. Hirers should risk assess their activities at the Columbine Centre and this document should be available to be shown to the duty caretaker.
10.  The hirer shall indemnify the Columbine Centre against any claim or expenses of whatever nature incurred by the Columbine Centre in respect of any loss or damage sustained by any person visiting the premises.
11.  External or internal decorations, flags, emblems, or notices are not permitted to be used or brought in without the written consent of the duty caretaker.
12.  Any alterations to the present lighting arrangements, electrical installations or sound installations are not permitted without the written consent of the duty caretaker. In the event of this being sanctioned, all installations should be returned to their original state prior to the expiration of the hire period.
13.  The exits and emergency doors must be kept free and in perfect working order at all times during the period of hire. Doors must be kept closed when the heating is on in the building.
14.  Petrol, petroleum or similar spirit, pressurised gas or similar items are not allowed to be brought onto the premises. The hirer must take necessary steps to prevent any act or thing being done which could cause fire or explosion.
15.  The Columbine Centre reserves to the duty caretaker the right to enter any part of the premises at all times and require that any person employed by the hirer be made aware of this accordingly
16.  The hirer shall not use the premises for the performance in public of any dramatic or musical work in which copyright subsists without the consent of the owner of the said copyright.
17.  The hirer fully accepts all responsibilities and liabilities for VAT and for the submission of all necessary VAT returns to HM Customs and Excise.
18.  All woodwork, scenery, wings, draperies, floral decoration, curtains or any other properties provided by the hirer and used in connection with the hire at the premises must be rendered and maintained as flame retardant.
19.  Notice boards, etc. shall not be placed or allowed in entrances, exits, gangways or any other place as to cause a hazard. Third party advertisements and leaflets are not permitted for distribution
20.  Fly posting of any notices regarding your event is strictly prohibited and will incur a fine from the relevant District/Borough Council where they have been placed
21.  Hirers are strictly prohibited from allowing the importation of alcoholic beverages onto the premises and are responsible for notifying any person connected with the hire to this effect.
22.  The Columbine Centre shall provide as required by the hirer a fully licensed bar which will be under the control of the appointed officer at all times.
23.  The license held allows alcoholic refreshment to be served during normal licensing hours. If the hirer requests an extension to these hours it must be carried out in writing at least 28 days prior to the hire period commencing. Any expenses incurred in obtaining this will be charged to the hirer.
24.  All income from bar sales will be retained by the Columbine Centre.
25.  At all events the Columbine Centre reserves the right to provide a front of house
26.  refreshment sales service. All income derived from this will be retained by the Columbine Centre.
27.  Under no circumstances is the hirer permitted to operate any of the above services.
28.  The demonstration of hypnotism, stage hypnotism, mesmerism or any similar act is not permitted on the premises.
29.  Any complaint in connection with the hire shall be made immediately, in writing to the Clerk to the Town Council, comprising full details of the complaint.
30.  The hirer shall not use the premises for any other purpose other than that stated on the hire form.
31.  The Columbine Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to the premises or any part thereof to any person or persons as is considered necessary by the duty caretaker.

32.  No refund of charges made will be made in respect of cancellation of hire unless 28 days notice is given in writing.
33.  The Columbine Centre reserves the right to cancel any hire, in writing, up to 28 days prior to the hire date.
34.  If the hire purpose includes the use, dramatic or musical presentation of children (those under the age of 16 years) they must be chaperoned by responsible adults. Chaperones are responsible for the welfare, protection and guidance of children and young people in entertainment premises. The maximum number of children that Chaperones can care for is 12. If there is a mixture of sexes this must be taken into consideration.
35.  Unsupervised (those under the age of 18 years) or un-chaperoned children (those under the age of 16 years) are not permitted, and should this occur the duty caretaker has the right to cancel the hire with immediate effect.
36.  The hirer will ensure he has public liability insurance suitable for the purpose of the hire. A copy of which should be available for examination by the duty caretaker at any time prior to and during the period of hire.
37.  The Columbine Centre is a strictly NON-SMOKING venue, this includes the foyer and bar areas.
38.  Any electrical appliance used or brought onto the premises in conjunction with the hire must have a valid certificate of electrical safety. Any item that a certificate is not available for, will not be permitted on the premises.
39.  Under the Health and Safety at Work Act it is the responsibility of the Columbine Centre to ensure as far as possible the health and safety of all persons that use the premises whether they be employees, hirers, volunteers or the general public. Therefore hirers must ensure that any working practices carried out in the premises by them, their employees, visitors or volunteers are undertaken in a safe manner so as not to cause danger or injury to themselves or any other person.
40.  Corkage will be charged at the current rate per bottle this includes non-alcoholic drinks. This applies to all drink bought into the premises.
41.  Hirers are liable for food safety when it is brought on to the premises and hire of the kitchen is available at the current rate (please see attached schedule of hire charges).

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